Aqua Seal in Wexford

Wexford Roofing specialise in Aquaseal and membrane treatment for all types of slate roofs. Aquaseal is a heavy duty brush on rubberised compound reinforced with a high dence breathable weatherproof membrane. When it is combined together,  compound and membrane ensure a tough durable finish fully guaranteed against the Irish elements.

Aqua Sealing Roofs

This system is very effective for repairing old slate roofs where the nails have rusted or slates have become dislodged or damaged due to the Irish weather.

The work is carried out in three different stages on private dwellings, farm buildings,out-houses and low pitched roofs. The system is applied as follows:

  • The roof is cleaned thoroughly removing any moss,fungus or debris. Loose slates will be tightened and any missing slates will be replaced. The first layer of Aquaseal is brushed directly onto the roof, going from the bottom to top, sealing the slates and ridges. The membrane is then bedded into the seal by rolling out and securing it.
  • A second layer of Aquaseal is then applied directly onto the membrane creating a weather proof seal at the same time.
  • When it has dried, a final layer of Aquaseal is then applied over the complete roof which will result in a beautiful and long lasting finish. This brings out the original form and colour of the slate.


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The finished product not only enhances the appearance of the roof but also acts as an insulation increasing the heat in the home and cutting down fuel bills significantly.

There is a written 10 year guarantee on completion.